Why Coding, AI & Experiential Learning for Kids ?

Coding, AI & Experiential Learning have become the basic literacy in the digital age. Coding is considered as one of the crucial tools to develop the key 21st-century skills like Logical Thinking, Creativity, Computational Thinking, Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving etc.

Coding, AI & Experiential Learning are now widely accepted as a part of the integrated learning worldwide. It helps children become better problem-solvers, logical thinkers and excel in the futuristic technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Automation.

Top Skills in Demand

Coding, Ai & Experimental Learning can help children acquire all the 21st century skills

Analytical thinking and Innovation

Active Learning and Learning strategies

Complex Problem Solving

Critical thinking and Analysis

Creativity, originality and initiative

Leadership and social influence

Technology design and programming

Reasoning problem-solving and ideation

Design Thinking Approach

What is Coding Connect ?

Coding Connect is a futuristic platform with a vision to build an ecosystem for amplifying the 21st-Century skills among K-12 students. It will act as an enabler for the students to be able to become the Creators of Tomorrow.


Our coding platform is designed specifically for the kids. Students will be able to build amazing projects and come up with out of the box solutions.


Our LMS allows students and teachers to explore the world of coding on their own. Students will be automatically graded, and teachers will be able to track their progress.


We offer progressive curriculum for the students, designed after extensive research and in collaboration with reputed professors, educationists and psychologists.

What Do Students Build on Coding Connect?

Coding Connect will empower students to think out of the box and become problem-solvers of 21st-century. Through our structured lessons, students and teachers will be able to understand the fundamental concepts of coding like Sequencing, Loops, Algorithmic Intelligence, explore the possibilities and understand the core of Artificial Intelligence and involve in project-based learning methodologies through Experiential Learning. This will be able to develop futuristic skills like Logical Thinking, Creativity, Problem-Solving, Critical Thinking, Computational Thinking, Cognitive Skills and many more.

Our Methodology

CIC Approach or Consumer – Innovator – Creator Approach, is our proprietary methodology, designed through our extensive experience in EdTech industry. Our unique methodology enables the students to evolve from Consumers into Innovators and further into Creators. With exposure to Activity-based learning (ABL) and Project-based learning (PBL), students gradually become capable of innovating, bringing a change to the world and going through a continuous process of skill enrichment in their entire journey.

Our Curriculum is designed keeping in mind the elementary steps of Design Thinking approach. Design thinking is a process of creative problem solving, and key to the way Tinker Coders designs the curriculum and methodology for instruction.

Our Implementation Plan

Company Overview & Presentation

Tinker Coders Team will deliver a presentation to the Leadership Team of the School, discussing about the importance of Coding, AI & Experiential Learning and briefing about the offerings, curriculum and methodology.

MoU and Agreement

Based upon the discussion with Tinker Coders Sales Team, an MoU will be signed between Tinker Coders and the School. The agreement will contain particulars about the deliverables and commitments made to the school by Tinker Coders, the implementation and process of execution.

Curriculum & Methodology

Tinker Coders Content and Methodology Team and the Leadership team of the school will be finalizing the course curriculum for different grades during the program. The discussion will also offer a flexibility to get the curriculum customised as per the requirements of the school, if any.

Orientation for Students and Parents

Tinker Coders Training Team will plan orientation sessions for all the Students, Parents and Teachers of the School. The purpose of the orientation sessions is to provide an understanding around Coding, AI and Experiential Learning and to nurture the interests in the students around the same.

Regular Feedbacks from Students/Parents

Tinker Coders Customer Experience Team takes care of addressing any issues faced by students or parents throughout the program. Regular Feedbacks from students and parents help us to keep a check on quality and ensure all the students have a delightful experience.

Assessments and Progress Reports

Our programs involve regular assessments of the students to understand their growth in the 21st-century skills. We provide dedicated progress reports to all the students which are curated using Data Analytics, involving multiple rubrics and statistical models.

Commencement of Program

Tinker Coders Operations Team & Operational Leadership Team of School will ensure the commencement of the program. Tinker Coders Team will provide Live Sessions, Teachers Training, LMS Logins, Assignments and Projects and Progress Reports to all the students. Students will also get opportunities to participate in International Competitions.


Certificates will be provided to all the students upon the completion of the program. The students progress will be analysed towards the end of the program, and certain criteria has to be fulfilled by all the students to avail the certification.

Choose the Right Plan for your School

Coding Connect offers affordable plans for teachers, schools, and districts.

DeCode the Future

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  • FREE 12 Hours of Sessions from Experts + 4 Hours of Teachers Training in line with NEP 2020

Led By School Teachers

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  • Customizable program where classes will be led by school teachers and complete support in execution from Tinker Coders.

Led by Tinker Coders Experts

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  • Customizable program where classes will be led by Tinker Coders Experts and complete support in execution from Tinker Coders.

Tinker Coders Club

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  • Customizable program where classes will be led by Tinker Coders Expert for a fixed duration.

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Our Associated Schools

We are proud of our association with 200+ reputed schools around the globe in 30+ countries.

Testimonials from Teachers and Principals

"Coding is now the basic literacy in the digital age. We look forward to enhance 21st-century skills of students in collaboration with Tinker Coders. ”
Swarnima Luthra
Principal - ASN Sr Sec School, Delhi
“ Introducing Coding will go a long way in helping the youth into a new world of innovation and creativity. Collaborating with Tinker Coders will definitely give children the opportunity to set their own goals and reach new heights in field of technology. ”
Pallavi Sharma
Principal - Mamta Modern Sr. Sec. School, Delhi
“ Coding develops creativity and encourages to think innovatively and differently. The goal of this initiative in association with Tinker Coders is to nurture the child to think smarter and solve problems intelligently; irrespective of it being a societal problem to solve or a scientific one. ”
Rooma Pathak
Principal - MM Public School, Pitampura, Delhi
“ STEM education focuses on building skills to solve real life problems using a mix of technology, science and logic. We are proud to collaborate with Tinker Coders to teach our students this integration by teaching them coding.”
Geeta Gangwani
Principal - Bal Bharati Public School, Rohini, Delhi
“ We are excited to take a step towards digital education, which will help the young minds to think out of the box and be prepared for a digital future. ”
Dr. Bhawana Malik
Principal - Lovely Public Sr. Sec. School, Delhi
“At DAV Police Public School Hisar, our aim is to teach coding to children at a young age. It is essential as it enhances many other skills of the children and is important for 21st-century children.”
Dr. Indu Sharma
Principal - DAV Police Public School, Hisar, Haryana
“ The future world would be requiring coding as an important skill, irrespective of the field you choose. We are ready to empower our children with a digital future through the collaboration with Tinker Coders. ”
Deepti Sharma
Principal - Pragyan Public School, Jewar,GautamBuddh Nagar
“ We at Manipal International Schools, believe in activity-based and inquiry-based learning. We are proud to say that we are partnering with Tinker Coders for AI and coding for our students. These programs help children in computational thinking, algorithm and structural thinking. This helps them to use their logic and reasoning skills. Students solve the problems and think out of the box which is very important for their careers in future. ”
Dr Ritu Chauhan
Principal - Manipal International School, Bangalore
“ AI and CODING obviously are the new normal way of Life and Futuristic pursuits cannot be feasible without their aid. We feel extremely glad for having provided initiations in collaboration with Tinker Coders into AI, STEM, and Coding. Children will be efficient enough to rethink, re-imagine rebuild our Nation. Great Salutations. ”
Aruna Sivaraj
Principal -Himalaya Public Sr. Sec. School, Rohini
"We, at Bharti Public School, believe in holistic development of children and we feel proud to introduce Coding & Artificial Intelligence in our school. Our collaboration with Tinker Coders will help students to improve their 21st-century skills in addition to getting prepared for a digital future. ”
Savita Arora
Principal - Bharti Public School, Swasthya Vihar, East Delhi

What Can Coding Connect Do For Your School?

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